Redmond Partners
We bring solutions 

 Redmond Partners, Inc. Contracts in the Following Areas:

Management Consulting
Business Development and Marketing Services
Team Building and Partnership Development
Community Development and Engagement/Outreach
Management Coaching, Leadership Development and Training
​Contracting Equity 
Developing and Managing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Economic Development and Financial Analysis/Audits
Program Development and Evaluation
Operational Assessments 

Facilities Construction, Alteration and Maintenance
Program Management
Project Management
Construction Management
General Construction Services
Commissioning Services
Facilities Maintenance Services

Program and Project Management
Develop Program Guidelines and Procedures
Establish Preliminary Budget
Define Scope of Work
Develop Work Plan and Schedule
Facilitate Public Meetings and Community Participation
Develop Criteria for Selection of Consultants/Contractors

Technical Publications
Technical Writing and Editing
Technical Manuals
Operation of Technical Libraries
Technical Presentations
Design and Publication of Promotional Materials 

Procurement of Goods and Services
Construction Equipment and Material Merchant Wholesaler

Small Business Consulting
Business Development
Capacity Development 
Teaming and Partnership Development
​Financial and Operational Assessments